We wanted housekeeping to become a little more fun and a little less mundane! We realised that all it takes is a drop, a fizzle, and the zing of clean.

Before we started Itti, we didn't think about how many different bottles we had for various cleaning products or how we had to keep buying more each time we finished them.

...these bottles result in several million tons of discarded plastic every year – a problem which wasn't going to go away anytime soon.

So we decided to do something about it.

So we decided to do something about it.
Your home

With customized solutions for everything that needs cleaning in your home (including you!), we make sure that we save your time, as well as your cupboard space.

Say goodbye to bulky bottles and refill packs; you now just need to add water to an Itti tab, and you're well on your way to cleaner living.

We've stocked all the essentials you'll need to keep things clean, fresh, and ready for some fun. Itti stands for cleaning, redefined.

What we stand for

We value your time

You're busy, we know. Why waste time on repeated store visits or tedious refilling, when you can make the mundane tasks much more interesting?

We value efficiency

You need a product that works. We've done the research to ensure that our product is tried and true, so you won't have to second-guess whether anything in our catalog will work for you.

We value the earth

For our children and grandchildren, we want to move towards protecting our planet. By leaving a smaller carbon footprint, we ensure that we produce minimal waste by using limited plastic or other non-biodegradable ingredients.

We value fun!

We all have to clean. Why make a task that is so important to our daily lives boring? We inject a little bit of positivity and a little bit of zing into the everyday.